Why should Sports Clubs decide “to OTT”

Implementing OTT is one of the first steps to become a full-fledged media centre. It allows sports brands to achieve yet unattainable fan engagement results while creating new monetisation opportunities.

What’s the secret behind OTT? Let’s analyse it step by step!

Demystifying Tech behind OTT

At first glance OTT seems to be a very complicated tool that requires massive tech knowledge and experience to be implemented. However, what we used to perceive as difficult a few years ago is now at your fingertips.

A ‘tech infrastructure’ needed to deliver high-quality video platforms for an affordable price is now widely available. The task to send a signal from the place where the event takes place to the internet is no longer a complex mystery.

The technical challenge to give sports brands a chance to become entertainment hubs providing five-star video content is easier than you think! Nevertheless, the problem usually appears when clubs and federations need to prepare a logical and effective content strategy that will significantly contribute to their long-term digital growth.

Content Strategy – from Baby Boomers to Gen Z

A thoroughgoing strategy for fan engagement is what all sports clubs are looking for. It’s easier to achieve your goals if you have diversified solutions that are attractive both to older and younger generations.

Video is the most engaging type of content. We can currently notice its dominance, especially among Gen Z.

Content strategy which includes videos may tremendously boost your fan engagement. That’s why OTT should no longer be perceived as a technological change. It’s a revolution in the mentality of your organisation!

For that reason, prior to OTT implementation, you should dedicate a significant amount of time on content strategy preparation. If it’s a challenge that goes beyond your current HR abilities, it makes sense to seek partnerships with companies that deliver both cutting-edge technology and top-quality marketing expertise.

Sports Brands’ Growth

Therefore, before you decide to implement OTT and make the next step to become a modern entertainment hub, you should be able to analyse the effectiveness of your previous marketing actions.

Then, you need the know-how on the common mistakes that others made while implementing OTT (to avoid them!) and the best practices (to check if you can consider them in your club as well!). Consulting or auditing from the external party might constitute a great help here.

Finally, to unfold OTT’s full potential, it’s recommended to go through workshops that will show you the examples of the proper use of video content for your brand.

Combining these three actions will allow you to consciously accomplish the challenge of implementing OTT. Once you’ve thoroughly done it, the only thing that remains is to wait for its valuable benefits that will allow your sports brand to grow.

OTT Benefits

OTT is much more than simple video streaming. It’s a solution that allows you to be at the forefront of changing tendencies in content consumption while becoming a full-fledged media centre.

The opportunity to design and influence fan engagement paths is a game-changer for many clubs that aim to optimise their supporters’ experiences. By diversifying content that you deliver and extending it beyond Match Days, you’re able to loyalise your fans to your own communication channels.

In the long term, it will make more people interested in the life of your brand. Not only will it allow you to become more attractive for sponsors, but it will also open new monetisation opportunities for your club or federation.

How to Monetise OTT?

There are two basic methods of OTT monetisation.

First of all, you can decide to deliver exclusive content that will be available to your fans only once they pay for its subscription. It’s up to you to determine the payment scheme – monthly, weekly or yearly.

The alternative is to base your revenue stream on sponsors paying for product placement or content that will highlight their values, goods or services.

Both of them are efficient, and there are no contraindications to combine them.

Additionally, OTT creates a new channel to advertise your own products, services and events. By connecting it with your e-commerce, you can become much more efficient in sales. In the long term, you’ll monetise your fanbase by engaging them in your brand; thus, by being more attractive to sponsors.


Seeing the changing trends in content consumption, the question stated in the title should probably be: “Why Should Sports Clubs Decide ‘To OTT’ ASAP?”

Anyone who wants to play a significant role in providing entertainment will need to implement video content one day. The earlier you do it, the greater your advantage.

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