Three Digital Masterclasses in October and November

The masterclass season starts at FBIN. After the kick-off on October 21 with Matteo Balliauw, two more exclusive masterclasses are confirmed for November.

It’s time to learn and to get inspired again.

Our Digital Masterclasses are interactive one hour sessions with international experts. Three Digital Masterclasses are already confirmed for October and November 2021, some more will follow for December and early 2022.

The first masterclass this fall is by Matteo Balliauw from the Belgian FA. He has already been on stage in Graz at the FUTURE OF FOOTBALL BUSINESS Conference and will now dig a bit deeper into the new strategy of the Royal Belgian Football Association on October 21. This masterclass is open for everyone, you only need to register.

Two weeks later, on November 4, we focus on data-driven marketing especially for organisations who are just starting with this topic. Henk-Frits Verkerk, Managing Director of Sports Alliance tells you (nearly) all you need to know to get started. He also focuses on how to convince your internal stakeholders and to work as cost-effective as possible.

If you have any questions upfront or ideas what Henk-Frits should cover additionally, you can suggest them to him and he will include it in his masterclass. This masterclass is also open for everyone who registers.

The third already confirmed Digital Masterclass looks behind the curtain of Borussia Dortmunds Virtual Tour earlier this year. Dr. Suresh Letchmanan, BVBs Managing Director for Asia Pacific gives exclusive insghts into this amazing case. This masterclass is exclusively available to members of the FBIN Network (for clubs, leagues, associations and companies) and FBIN Personal (for individuals). Learn more about FBIN Personal here.

FBIN Network and FBIN Personal members also have access to the recordings of all Digital Masterclasses, also the previous ones, like “Tokenisation in Sports Clubs & Leagues”, “Football Clubs as Mediahouses” and “AI-based data for Sponsorships, Marketing and Internationalisation”.

Masterclass: Adapting to the digital Reality – The new RBFA Strategy, based on Data and Insights

By Matteo Balliauw, Royal Belgian Football Association

October 21

Masterclass: Data-driven marketing – How to get started

By Henk-Frits Verkerk, Sports Alliance

November 4

Masterclass: The Virtual Tour – BVB Case Study on Digital Activation

By Dr. Suresh Letchmanan, Borussia Dortmund

November 18

Exclusively for FBIN Network or FBIN Personal Members


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