The Slovak Fortuna Liga joins the FBIN Football Network as the first league member

The FBIN Football Network as platform for the development of football organisations continues to grow. The Slovak League joins the network to add new service offers for their clubs and support their development process. And the Slovak club AS Trencin becomes a full member as well.

The Slovak Fortuna Liga consists of 12 teams playing in the top division in Slovakia. Since 2009, the league is independent from the national association. In 2022 it also became an ordinary member of European Leagues.

Beside the league itself, also one club from Slovakia becomes a full member of the FBIN Football Network, AS Trencin. Trencin is the eleventh club to join the network, besides club members from Australia, Austria, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Slovenia, and Switzerland.

AS Trencin is a traditional football club that currently operates in the 1st league. The Trencin football club was founded in 1992 as Ozeta Dukla Trencin and bears the current name AS Trencin (Association of sports) since 2003. The majority owners of the club are Dutch. The club became the champion of Slovakia and Cup winner in 2004/2005 and 2005/2006. In 2019 the new academy was built and currently the new stadium for 10.000 people is being build which is one of the most significant investments in the region.

The Slovak League and FBIN work together to create specific offers to educate and support the professional football clubs in Slovakia, to help them solving current issues and cope with future challenges. Workshops, events, and advisory services are part of this.

“We really look forward to starting the cooperation with FBIN. The cooperation on league level was approved by the ExCo of the league. Our aim is to grow constantly, and we feel that a cooperation with FBIN could be another gamechanger for our clubs. We really feel, that FBIN is representing an ideal partner for our clubs and their employees to address concrete projects such as the return of fans, matchday experience and more. We definitely look forward to seeing best practices from the clubs in our region, that we can compare with,” says Michal Mertinyák, Executive Director of the Slovak League.


“Our aim is to educate and develop people”

“We are very happy to become part of the FBIN Network. We are part of a certain region with opportunities that are different from big leagues and clubs, so we really appreciate all activities, the network, and the initiatives that a membership brings. It gives us the opportunity to share experiences and knowledge with a very relevant group of clubs, companies, or institutions. Working in the club on marketing is a never-ending process that we must constantly move forward, and this platform brings us a lot of inspiration. We believe that we will be a successful and quality part of it. We look forward to further projects and cooperation,” says Igor Schlesinger, Head of Marketing & Sales at AS Trencin.


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“It’s an honour for us that the Slovak Football League chose us as their partner to support the development and evolution of their clubs. And that with AS Trencin a club decided to go all in and become a full member itself additionally. I look forward to working with both organisations and shaping the future of the Slovak club football together,” says Thomas Maurer, Managing Director of FBIN.


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