“Sharing knowledge is always one of the best ways to develop ourselves”

DVTK is in a difficult situation sporting-wise. How is the situation in the business area of the club?

Although now it is sure, that we will start the next season in the second league (NB2), our financial situation is stable. The budget of the first team will be almost the same as it was in this season.

How advanced is DVTK already regarding topics like digitalisation, collecting and using data, personalised fan communication?

At the moment, we have a big lack of information about our fans, so we are planning a questionnaire to have fresh information about their needs and wishes. Results of this questionnaire will help us to re-evaluate our 4P model too.

Are there any projects going on or planned in these areas?

Currently we are working on DVTK application, which will be available on IOS and Android too. This system will include all the necessary features, like ticketing, create user profiles, send automatic and personalized push-notifications etc.

You recently joined the FBIN Network. What is your goal as member?

Sharing knowledge is always one of the best ways to develop ourselves. We would like to see the best practices from other stakeholders not only from Hungary, but in the international environment too, and then we would like to implement the best ideas to our daily work.

We are mainly focusing on five area of expertise – Marketing & Brand, Communication & Content, Business Development, Fan Relations and Commercialisation. Where do you see the most potential for development and growth at DVTK?

I would say Fan Relations – because of the relegation, we are in a very hard situation with our fans. We absolutely understand their feelings, and we are working hard to indemnify them, but this is a new situation for the management too. On the other hand, we have some great examples, that re-start from the second division is hard, but it is not the Mission Impossible, nor on and nor off-the pitch.

Beside winning games, what is the most important thing for the club?

Our biggest and most important family member is the men’s football team, and our short-term goal now is getting back to the first league within one year. At the same time, we, as DVTK family have more than 3,000 athletes, most of them in youth sports. Development of our training facilities, our Medical Center, the education of our personnel will help us to achieve our main long-term goal: become the most successful multi-sport club in Hungary.

What do you consider your biggest pain points right now in the non-sports part of the club?

Our fan relations is the biggest pain point at the moment, of which the main result is the relegation.

Do you look at other clubs? How they work, what they do, how they cope with problems? And if, which clubs are you looking at?

We always look at other clubs, and we also compare our results with their results too, not only in sport aspects. Because of our environment, we focus mainly on other Hungarian clubs, not only in football, but in other sports as well, and we also look at international clubs for ideas which could be useful for us.

What are the short, medium and long-term goals of DVTK in the non-sports sector?

Short-term goals: finish our latest development, the construction of the new DVTK multisport arena; implementation of our new ERP system and the DVTK mobile application.
Medium-term goals: manage successfully our facilities, become a data-driven club in each area of our work;
Long-term goals: become the most stable and most successful multi-sport club in Hungary.


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