NŠ Mura joins FBIN Network as first Club from Slovenia

NŠ Mura is a football club in Slovenia, a club with tradition, a club deeply involved with the region of Prekmurje where you can find the most loyal, trustful and open people. Most of them are the club’s faithful fans and supporters. A club, that made a strong come back from 3rd division and have managed to qualify to European competitions for 2 years in a row and won the cup title in the last season. A club which mostly consist of club-grown football players, educated in the domestic football school. The club is striving, with its great fans, the local community, sponsors and supporters, towards the future success and the celebration of 100 years of existence in 2024.

“We are happy to be the first Slovenian club to join the FBIN Network. We see this as a great opportunity to show up on the European football map, which we have already proven in recent years by qualifying for European competitions. We know that as a small European club, there is still room for improvement, especially in finding new partnerships in the form of sponsorships and cooperations with major European clubs. This is what we hope to gain with the membership in the FBIN Network,” said Iztok Frajman, Head of Marketing at NŠ Mura.

“We are happy to finally welcome a first club from Slovenia as member of the FBIN Network, especially one so close to our office – it’s less than 80 kilometres to Murska Sobota. In addition to this geographical closeness, we also want to work closely together in the further development of the club. The first concrete steps are already being planned.

Small and medium-sized clubs in Europe and beyond, like NŠ Mura, have so much potential, and we want to help them to unlock that potential,” said Thomas Maurer, founder of FBIN.


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