New podcast out now: FK Bodø/Glimt and their sustainability strategy

Six months after the last episode of the FOOTBALL BUSINESS Podcast, we are back. The third season starts today with an episode about FK Bodø/Glimt and how they embrace sustainability and is now hosted by Quang T. Pham.

For the first episode, called “How FK Bodø/Glimt is living sustainability on and off the pitch”, we invited Benedicte Halvorsen, Marketing and Communications Coordinator and Ørjan Berg, Head of the Youth Department of the back-to-back Norwegian champion to talk about how their approach to sustainability on and off the pitch.

Benedicte Halvorsen about their work: “Inherently sports works within sustainability. But because of the attention that we have an especially because of the attention we have gained in recent years with the sporting success, we have this position where when we talk, for some reason people seem to listen. We want to use that attention for good.”

Ørjan Berg: “If a small club from north Norway can do it, every club in the world can do it.”

By the way, in the upcoming issue of the FBIN Magazine, you can find an exclusive interview with Tom Steffensen, Head of Marketing at FK Bodø/Glimt, about their recent developments based on the UN SDGs and how embracing sustainability made them more relevant and increased their revenues.

The digital edition of the 25th issue of the FBIN Magazine is available for free in the first week on January on our website and shop.


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