New FBIN Magazine available as free download

The new, 26th issue of the FBIN Magazine is available as of today. The 52-page magazine is available as free download and as a printed version in form of a yearly subscription.

Cover story of the new issue is an interview with Mark Ashton, CEO of Ipswich Town FC. In April 2021 the club was taken over by Gamechanger 20 Ltd, a newly founded company of which 90% are owned by a US investment fund called ORG. In June 2021 Mark Ashton joined the club as new CEO and in the interview he talks about how he wants to lead the club into a new era.

Guest articles tackle the topics of salary caps in professional football – and if they are legal, take a look at the Polish football market and give insights into the findings of LTT Sports’ latest survey about youth academies.

In another extensive interview we talkes to FC Midtjyllands Head of Digital Content & Strategy, Lukas Müller, about the communication and especially social media strategy of the club.

Statements from the issue

“We are at a very good level, we are growing, but there is always space for improvement. As I’ ve mentioned, all the areas outside the four lines of the pitch are also of great importance and they are a significant chapter of the club’s general strategy”
Minas Lysandrou, CEO OFI Crete FC

“The biggest advice is to have a strategy behind all the actions that we do and adapt the trends that suit the strategy that is in place.”
Tomás de Mello Corrêa, Digital Marketing Manager, Vitoria Sport Clube

“I have my personal model of how the football clubs should work, but that model has to bend and flex to fit Ipswich. So, we have a real core plan, and the only way I can describe it is like we‘re building the aircraft while we are flying. We don‘t have time to stop playing games, selling tickets, or not to be active in the community. We can‘t take a season off. We have to build this whilst we‘re on the journey, but we have a very clear sense of direction.”
Mark Ashton, CEO Ipswich Town FC


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