Memberyo becomes a member of the FBIN Business Network

The platform for membership programs joins the global network for the football business industry with immediate effect.

Memberyo is a platform for membership programs for any sports club or community. With a small investment and no coding required, any club could launch its own membership program in a matter of days. It is a new revenue stream and business model that’s underpinned by the fan. One that offers more of the propositions and experiences that fans want. It drives their engagement to build deeper and longer-lasting relationships. Using the right mix of exclusive tangible and non-tangible benefits helps to build regular engagement and extend the match-day experience across the full week, off-site, and even off-season. A digital membership card saved to Apple or Google Wallet is a novel solution that allows the club to collect first-party data through API connections with various software platforms. Finally, it enables new communication possibilities thanks to different notification options. Our vision is to have one digital card (NFC enabled) for everything: entrance, parking, public transport, cashless payments, sponsor vouchers, and many more.

Roman Krajniak, Co-Founder of Memberyo: “We are happy to become members of such a great and expanding organization as FBIN. We are looking forward to all future FBIN events and to meeting similar digital-minded people. We will be happy to discuss the potential of new revenue streams and demonstrate how Memberyo’s membership program can assist clubs in monetizing their fans.”

Thomas Maurer, Managing Director of FBIN: “With Memberyo we welcome a great solution for football clubs as new members of our Business Network. Roman has been attending some of our events recently and now decided to become a full member of the network – and I’m happy to welcome him and his company to the FBIN family.”

From now on, FBIN Football Network members who want to use Memberyo don’t have to pay the setup fee.


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