Ligalytics and Quantagonia partner to enable cutting-edge match scheduling

The world’s leading sporting match scheduling company and member of the FBIN Business Network, Ligalytics teams up with the quantum computing experts of Quantagonia to apply break-through technology to create even better schedules for the biggest sports leagues in the world.

Quantagonia’s Quantum Virtual Platform and cutting-edge quantum algorithms allow businesses to improve their decision models on today’s computers and seamlessly take advantage of quantum computers as they continue to develop. With this capability, Ligalytics’ models will be able to include even more factors in their models that would have exceeded the capabilities of traditional computers and algorithms. The results are schedules that can be more easily and successfully updated when unexpected changes in constraints occur.

“Creating good match schedules is very challenging since stakeholders such as teams, players, facilities, and the media often have competing priorities, and there is always a desire to take more factors into account,” said Prof. Dr. Stephan Westphal, co-founder of Ligalytics. “Our goal is to leverage quantum computing to best meet our client’s needs by moving past the limitations of traditional computing to create even better schedules not computationally practical today.”

“We are very excited to be working with Ligalytics,” said Prof. Dr. Sebastian Pokutta, co-founder of Quantagonia. “Their scheduling challenges provide a great opportunity to help deliver speed and flexibility not previously possible while helping us continue to evolve our algorithms for even more performance.”


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