Horizm joins the FBIN Network

Being one of the most exciting companies working in sports and especially football at the moment, we are happy to welcome Horizm as the latest member of the FBIN Business Network.

Founded in 2019, Horizm was born with the goal of being the number one digital audience platform for the global sports and entertainment industries; to revolutionize the way rights holders and brands operate in our new digital era and fully support them across their digital asset life cycles.

Through their proprietary Marketplace, Horizm connects brands interested in reaching sports fans with rights holders looking for ways to better value and monetize their digital content. Horizm Marketplace aggregates over $1.5bn of digital inventory, offering brands a convenient and effective route to target customers through the highly engaged medium of sports content.

This inventory is accessed through contracted agreements which see Horizm leverage artificial intelligence to provide sports and entertainment with the complete toolkit needed to value, benchmark and monetize their digital audience engagement. Predicated on a more rigorous, more holistic approach to managing and selling digital inventory, one that is routed in understanding true market price, Horizm’s platform also enables rights holders, agencies and talent to drive more value for their partners and unlock new revenue streams from existing inventory.


“There is huge potential in digital business for smaller clubs”

Representatives of Horizm participated in the last two FBIN events and were satisfied with what they experienced. The logical next step was to become a member of the FBIN Network and participate in FBIN’s mission to support the football business industry in its development.

Horizm will therefore also play an active role at the next event organised by FBIN, the FUTURE OF FOOTBALL BUSINESS Conference in Graz, Austria on 1 September.

“Football clubs from all sizes trust Horizm and now they also trust us. This is a win-win situation for all involved as we and the existing FBIN Network members benefit from the vast expertise Horizm brings into the network,” Thomas Maurer, founder of FBIN says.

“FBIN events have proven to be a great platform for us to connect with football clubs, particularly from central Europe and we’re excited to become more involved as members of their network,” Sam Grimley, Global Head of Sales & Account Management, says.


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