Fan engagement among Generation Z

TISA Group, a Polish-Swiss company founded by experts with over 20 years of experience in the sports and technology sectors and a member of the FBIN Business Network, has joined forces with 3 major football clubs: Wolverhampton Wanderers, Real Sociedad and Legia Warszawa as a part of #GENZCHALLENGE.

“The issue of the lack of Gen Z engagement in sports clubs prompted us to examine the subject further to better understand the underlying reasons. Our goal? Finding beneficial insights and solutions and sharing them with football clubs facing the same challenge.” – Michał Wapiński, Innovation Product Manager at TISA Group.

The report TISA created takes a look at fan engagement among Generation Z, provides key insights into the Gen Zers as sports fans and describes different strategies on how to attract young supporters in their everyday operations.

What can you learn about Gen Zers from the report?

  • Family still remains a significant source of fans’ community growth. Over 50% of respondents state that they were introduced to their favourite club by their relatives;
  • YouTube, Instagram and Twitter are in the top 3 in social media platforms preferred by Gen Z fans. YouTube, however, delivers higher engagement levels on average. Interestingly, TikTok accounts for more than 40% of the social media channels used by Wolverhampton fans to interact with football-related topics;
  • Over 50% of respondents declared being interested in Esports. Nevertheless, only 30% of these fans who declared their interest in Esports follow or take part in any Esports tournaments This suggests that fans from Gen Z are actually interested in gaming, understood as unprofessional competition focused primarily on entertainment.

Would you like to understand Gen Z better? 

TISA report contains over 60 graphs and more than 23,000 qualitative data points gathered from 766 respondents. You can’t miss it!


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